General Dentistry



In the initial visit to King Street Dental we will check your mouth, teeth and gums, and also check for any cancers.

Following the initial examination, radiographs are required under ADA guildines to check for decay in between teeth, decay under fillings and crowns and if there is any bone loss around teeth from gum disease. At King Street Dental we use low radiation dosed digital radiographs, a panoramic machine for OPGs and can provide Cone beam scans if required for wisdom teeth removal, implants or endodontic treatment.

Following the examination and electronic imaging, a thorough treatment plan will be created and an estimate will be provided based on the findings from the examination and we will also address the dental concerns raised by you.

Our philosophy at King Street is to maintain your teeth in a healthy condition for life, so that you can maintain a decent quality of life and enjoy the foods you want and remain pain-free.

The treatment plan will aim to repair damage to your teeth from decay, injuries, cracks or lost fillings, soft and hard tissue pathologies or gum disease.

The treatment plan can involve fillings, veneers, crown and bridges, occlusal splints, mouthguards, antisnoring appliances, root canal treatment, gum disease treatment, bridges, dentures, extracting infected or non-salvageable teeth and dental implants.

At King Street Dental all treatment is provided using ultra-modern equipment and latest techniques.We pride ourselves on our sterilisation process for the instruments and ensure we use the best quality and safest materials possible in your mouth, so you have no adverse health consequences from your treatment. At King Street Dental the procedures are carried out by Dr. Singh who will ensure that you do suffer any pain by providing treatment under local anaesthetic, happy gas [nitrous], oral sedation and IV sedation [sleep dentistry]. For more complicated procedures or if you have a serious dental phobia general anaesthesia in a hospital can also be arranged.

Contact King Street Dental to make an appointment and ensure your oral health, phone (02) 4929 4143.


During your first visit Dr Singh may advise preventative measures to reduce the possibility of damage to your teeth and gums. Preventive treatments include:

  • => Oral hygiene instructions on brushing flossing and dietary advise
  • => Fissure sealants to prevent cavities
  • => Mouthguards to prevent dental sports injuries
  • => Occlusal splints to prevent damage to teeth from clenching and grinding teeth at night
  • => Fluoride application and advise on use at home for prevention of caries
  • => Anti-snoring sleep aponea appliance

Generally, regular dental checkups will pick up dental problems early and usually prevent the need for more extensive, expensive, less desirable or harsh treatments like root canal treatment or extractions.

Children should start regular dental visits after the age of two. It familiarises them with the dental procedures, the dentist and makes them more amenable to accept dental visits as a part of normal life. At King Street Dental we will try our best to make the first dental visit great fun for your child.