Wisdom Tooth Removal



Wisdom teeth generally erupt into the mouth around the ages of 16 to 20.

In most cases, there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth as evolution has made human jaws smaller. Since there is a lack of room for the wisdom tooth in the jaw it will remain partially or completely below the line of the gum (this is called impaction).

This can lead to an infection around the wisdom tooth causing acute or chronic pain and swelling, and can be life threatening. Depending on the position of the wisdom tooth damage can be caused to adjacent teeth resulting in the adjacent teeth needing to be extracted. The eruption of the wisdom teeth can also cause crowding in perfectly straight teeth.

Prior to treatment we will use our Digital OPG machine and CT scan so that we can carefully plan your treatment to prevent adverse effects.

Sedation, happy gas or general anaesthesia (in hospital) are offered for all teeth extractions if required. There are specific guidelines for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth which Dr. Singh will advise you on.

If you're wisdom teeth are a concern to you, make an appointment at King Street Dental on (02) 4929 4143.